The idea behind Artist’s Alley

Ok- so….  One afternoon my daughter and I were sitting at home, sewing on an upcoming cosplay, and talking about how we should get a table at the next con and sell some of the awesome things we’d made.  Only- neither of us wanted to devote the entire con to sitting at the table (we like to go play).  That’s part one.

At the con I was wandering through the Artist Alley, just talking to the artists and seeing how things were going for them.  I found a lot of the same thing- people that wanted to sell their products, but didn’t want to have to create their own website and weren’t finding very favorable rates at the existing handmade websites.  That was part two.

It took lots of evenings devoted to trying to figure out how to get this site up and running.  My daughter created the logo for us!  Without her help (and the help of the WONDERFUL staff at WPMUDEV) this site would not exist.

Hopefully this will be what we wanted it to be- a place that brings together the artist and the con-goer in the biggest Artist Alley out there! And guess what- no badges needed to shop here!  Hope your sales go well!


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