Using Facebook to increase your sales

Facebook is an amazing place.  You post something or like something and suddenly it’s out there, making its rounds through your friends and their friends and so on.

You know, everyone on the earth is only 6 people from everyone else.

So let’s use that power to get your products seen and SOLD!

When you are listing a new product, scroll all the way down to the bottom and use the Facebook Publishing App to automatically post your products to your Facebook page.
You’ll need to grant your Facebook App permission to do this by clicking on the “Grant needed permissions now” link and logging into your Facebook account.  If you have a Facebook page for your store, log into that one instead of your personal one.  That way, you can “like” the product from your personal page as well.

You can change the title in this same area, too, if you want to.

On your left Dashboard menu, you’ll see “Facebook” toward the bottom.  This is a separate area that you can use to further connect your store to your Facebook Store site.  The widgets area gives you the ability to have the comments and posts that are made on YOUR (or your site’s) Facebook page brought into your store’s page on Artist’s Alley.  PLEASE only elect to use this option if you have a site for your store.  Your personal Facebook posts would not be attractive to potential buyers.

Have fun and Happy Sales!

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