[Midwinter] Convention Booklet - Issue 1

$12.00 (tax incl.)

The first look at “Midwinter”, an independent Urban Fantasy graphic novel.

Midwinter is graphic novel that contains a blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements. The easiest way to label it is as an Urban Fantasy, where magic is still present in a high tech, urban society.

Inspired by manga, the comic itself is in toned black and white. Here is page 1 & 2 to give you an idea of what it looks like:

This booklet contains the first half of chapter 1, 48 pages in total. The second book is here.

We aim to have a well-researched, immersive, character driven story that’s mature, fun, and engaging. We wanted to really push the boundaries on what a protagonist is supposed to be and explore the gray areas when the answer isn’t simply black or white.

We hope you’ll consider giving our comic a shot!

Find out more:

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